How to create a customized Inbox Pause schedule

Want to disconnect during Work Hours and get email notifications during specific times per day? Or, are you hoping to create Focus Time while also disconnecting from email outside of work? Boomerang's powerful new Inbox Pause features give you the ability to integrate multiple of these features at once.

How to customize your Inbox Pause schedule

Select an email in Outlook, and click the  Inbox Pause button in the ribbon.
Click Mix and Match.
Click Add Action.
From here, you can choose specific times to: Pause your Inbox, Batch Delivery of Emails, or Unpause your Inbox. Repeat as desired.

Customize any additional Pause Settings. You can create an Auto-Reply to let senders know your Inbox is paused and/or whitelist certain email addresses, domains, and words with Delivery Exceptions.
Once the schedule fits your needs, click Turn On Custom Schedule to confirm.