How to set up a schedule to automatically pause your Inbox after work

Burnout and quiet quitting are on the rise – and they have a detrimental effect on the success of a business, as well as their employees. Studies show that having the ability to disengage outside of work hours and rest reduces stress and boosts productivity. Yet our work environments don’t always support the need to disconnect. With Boomerang's Inbox Pause feature, you can now have email notifications automatically paused outside of work hours. 

How to set up an Inbox Pause Schedule

Select an email in Outlook, and click the  Inbox Pause button in the ribbon.
Click Work Hours.
Adjust the times you want your Inbox paused as needed. (e.g. During a 9-5 workday, you may want your Inbox only paused outside of your work hours.)
Customize any additional Pause Settings. You can create an Auto-Reply to let senders know your Inbox is paused and/or whitelist certain email addresses, domains, and words with Delivery Exceptions.
When everything's set up, click Turn On Your Schedule to confirm. Your Inbox will be automatically paused outside of the work hours you set.