Step 1. Install Boomerang

First things first — let's install Boomerang!

What do you need to use Boomerang for Outlook?

A compatible (Microsoft-hosted) email account: an  Office365/Exchange Online email account, or an,,, or email account.
Either a supported Outlook desktop client or web browser:
  • Supported Outlook desktop clients: Outlook 2013 or higher (including Outlook for Office365) for Windows and Outlook for Mac.
  • Supported web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge and Safari

If your email is hosted by Google, we also make Boomerang for Gmail/Google Workspace, so you can use Boomerang from a web browser.

Install Boomerang on your Office365 or Outlook account

Visit Boomerang's page in the Microsoft Store.
Click on the Get It Now button.
Click Get It Now in the pop-up.
That's it! Open your Outlook desktop client or Outlook on the Web, and the Add-In will automatically be available to use.
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