How to Pause your Inbox

Inbox Pause gives you control over when emails appear in your Inbox. Eliminate interruptions, increase your productivity, and reduce stress. 

This article will deal specifically with basic (manual) Inbox Pause.  For more about advanced Inbox Pause modes, please see:

To begin pausing your Inbox, select an email, and click on Inbox Pause button on your ribbon.
The Inbox Pause dialog will open, where you can configure your pause settings as desired:
    Turn on Auto-Responder - Set up a custom automatic reply to be sent out if people email you while your inbox is paused.
    Delivery Exceptions - If you want to make sure you continue receiving certain messages or emails from certain recipients while your inbox is paused, you can set delivery exceptions here. You can continue delivering messages from certain addresses (ex. from a specific client, or members of your team), addressed to (ex. you can instruct colleagues to email something like, if they need to get ahold of you urgently), from domains (ex. emails from a client you're working on an urgent project with), or with words (ex. urgent!)
If you'd like your Inbox to be unpaused automatically after a certain time frame, enable the Unpause Automatically toggle. Otherwise, you can unpause your Inbox manually at any time.
Review your Inbox Pause configuration. If you're satisfied, click on the Pause Inbox Now button.
Your inbox is now paused! You will receive an email notification from us, in case you need to unpause from a different device or mobile phone at a later time.