I can't unpause my Inbox! What do I do?

No need to worry! You can always unpause your Inbox by following these steps:

Turn off automatic replies.  If you enabled the auto-responder when you paused your Inbox, you will want to navigate to your Outlook Settings -> Mail -> Automatic Replies and turn automatic replies off. Click Save to save the changes. (Outlook.com/Outlook on the Web, Outlook 2013/2016)

Delete the rules used by Inbox Pause to hide emails from your Inbox. Navigate to the Settings for your Outlook account (Outlook.com, Outlook on the Web, Outlook 2013/2016), and go to the Mail category, then the Rules section. Delete any rule(s) that have a name resembling "Inbox-Paused-yyyy-mmm-dd."

Move paused messages back to your Inbox. The last step is to return the messages Inbox Pause hid back to your Inbox. These messages will be located in a folder with a name resembling "Inbox-Paused-yyyy-mmm-dd". Open this folder, select all messages, and move them back to your Inbox. Then delete the folder.