Org Subscription Administration

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How to add an admin or billing contact

Navigate to the People page.
Please note: you will need to be signed in with a current admin's Office365 account - if it shows a different email address in the top right corner, click on Sign Out and then sign back in with the admin's email address.

Enter the email address for the new administrator, then choose whether they should be an Admin or Billing  Contact from the dropdown. 
When ready, click  Add.
You'll then be prompted to assign a license to the new Org Admin or not. Choose the appropriate option to finalize your decision.

How to be an Organization admin without filling a seat

When you first add an admin to your group, you will be asked whether or not the admin will use one of the seats in your org subscription. If they will only need to access the org management or billing pages, you may click No, Admin Only.

If you'd like to make this change after the fact, navigate to the People page and scroll to the list of Users. Click on the X to the right of the admin's email address, and then click Remove in the pop-up to confirm.

The admin will be removed from the Users list while remaining a part of the Organization Administration.