How to buy and set up a subscription for your org

Here's how to purchase a subscription for your organization and get set up!

First, go to our Boomerang for Teams page.

Next, enter the number of seats (one for each email account) you'll need for your org.

Set the toggle for whether you want to be billed Monthly or Yearly. You can always change from Monthly billing to Yearly later on, if you decide the annual plan is best for you!

Click on the blue Sign Up Now button.

On the next page, double check the number of seats and billing frequency.

Enter the company name for the team account, and click on Next: Payment.

Enter the credit card information (including state, zip, and country), then click on Create Team.

You will be taken to your new Org Subscription management page. From there, click on Add Users.
Enter the email addresses for desired team members, and click on Add Users again to finalize. Welcome emails will be sent to these members.

Congratulations, your organization is all set to start using Boomerang! You can always make changes to the group later on from your Org Subscription manage page.