Plans and pricing

For a detailed comparison of our plans and current pricing, please visit our subscriptions page. All subscriptions are available with monthly pricing, or annual billing for an extra discount.


All new Boomerang accounts come with a Free 14-day Trial of Boomerang Professional. So go ahead and try it before you decide that you want to subscribe! Credit card information is not required to get started.

If you don't choose to subscribe to one of the paid subscriptions at the end of the 14 days, you can continue to use the free Basic plan as long as you'd like!


Boomerang Basic is our free plan. It includes 10 message credits per month, access to most of our features, and is available for Outlook/Hotmail/Live email addresses, as well as for Microsoft-hosted Office365 email addresses.

How do you count message credits?

We count all messages you scheduled with Boomerang or any combination of Boomerang features (including Boomerang, Send Later, Response Tracking, and Read Receipts) in your message credits for the month.


The Boomerang Personal plan includes unlimited message credits and additionally unlocks our mobile apps. The Personal plan is available for users with Outlook email addresses (ending in,, or


Boomerang Pro is our most popular plan. In addition to unlimited message credits, it also unlocks our most powerful features, including: Meeting Scheduling, Inbox Pause advanced features, Respondable with machine learning, Recurring Messages, and more!

Organization subscriptions

If your coworkers are using Boomerang as well, you can set up an organization subscription here, or email us at for more options. Organization subscriptions are available with Pro licenses only.