How to set a meeting buffer time

Need some time to prep, travel, or recharge between meetings? With Bookable Schedule, you can set an automatic buffer time between any meetings booked on a schedule.

How to set a meeting buffer time

When creating a new, or editing an existing Bookable Schedule, you will be able to set a buffer time during the More Options step.

Scroll down to the option labeled Buffer time between meetings.

You'll be able to choose a from a list times to set as a buffer period between meetings. If there is a buffer time is set, Bookable Schedule will automatically offer time slots respecting that buffer time before and after any meeting. 

For example, if you have chosen to have a 30 minute buffer period between meetings, and you schedule a meeting from 10-11am, Bookable Schedule will update available slots so that the next one offered isn't until 11:30am.