Using Suggest Times with multiple calendars

Suggest times lets you easily schedule meetings across multiple calendars, whether they are your own (ex. Personal vs. Work calendars) or you want to coordinate with other teammates within your organization.

Setting up default calendars

You can access your Settings page by clicking the Settings button at the bottom of the Boomerang task pane. As a reminder, you can access the Boomerang task pane by selecting an email, clicking Boomerang, and then clicking Open Boomerang.

In the new page that opens, click on the Calendar Settings page. Scroll down to the calendar checkbox section.

The following settings allow you to choose default calendars to use with Boomerang's Scheduling features, but can be changed at the time of use:

  • Select which calendars you'd like to sync - These are the calendars that will appear, and be referenced for availability, by default, when using any of the Boomerang Scheduling features. Check any of the calendars that you'd like to reference when using Suggest Times.
  • Default calendar to add events - This is the default calendar any event scheduled with Suggest Times or Bookable Schedule will be added to.

Want to schedule meetings with one of your coworkers or family members, but don't see it on this list? Check out Microsoft's help center article about how to share your calendar with someone.

Using Suggest Times with multiple calendars

When using Suggest Times to schedule a meeting, you can take reference any calendar you have synced for availability.

To start suggesting times, first compose your message. Then open the Boomerang task pane by clicking Open Boomerang. From there, click the Suggest Times button to open the Suggest Times dialog.

In the Suggest Times dialog, the recipient and meeting title will be pre-filled from your message. In the Add to Calendar dropdown, you can choose which calendar you'd like the event to be added to once the recipient has selected a time. In this example, Joe is scheduling a meeting with a colleague, so he will choose to add the event to his work calendar.

You can also use this feature to schedule on behalf of someone else (ex. as an assistant), as long as they've provided you the appropriate permissions to their calendars (See this article).

When you're selecting time slots, you can choose to view availability from any calendar you have synced with Boomerang. Make sure you don't have conflicts with your other schedules, or view your coworkers' calendars to offer a time that you are all available for:

If you choose the Prevent Double Booking option, Boomerang will reference availability from all calendars selected, and remove suggested times that conflict with any new events scheduled on those calendars before your recipient views your message.