How to Share your Free/Busy availability

Share a live snapshot of your free or busy schedule with anyone you're emailing. Use this lightweight approach to sharing your schedule and give your guest access to your availability information without giving up any privacy. As your schedule fills up, your available times update automatically.

To share your Free/Busy availability, compose a message to your recipient, then click Boomerang's  Schedule a Meeting button to open the add-in.

From the task pane, select Share Free/Busy.

Choose the days you want to share your availability for. You can also include today and/or weekends by checking the corresponding boxes.
Choose the start and end time for the days you're sharing your availability for. You can also change the time zone if needed.

Check which calendars you want to sync the availability for. We'll display whether the times you have busy events. Details like the title, description, and who's invited/attending will remain private.
When it's all set, click Insert Into Emai l. A calendar will appear in your email that will update automatically as your schedule changes--giving recipients the most up-to-date info to figure out a time to meet.