How to edit a Bookable Schedule

You can make changes to a Bookable Schedule at any point after you've created it - such as adjusting the available hours, meeting duration, adding teammates or calendars, the event title, and more!

How to edit a Bookable Schedule

Compose a new email or reply in Outlook, and click on Open Boomerang or Schedule A Meeting in the ribbon.

Click on Bookable Schedule in the task pane.

Select the schedule you want to edit and click the Edit Schedule link below.

This Bookable Schedule will open in Edit mode. Make the changes desired, and click the Done Editing button in the bottom right corner of the window when you're done. Any changes will be applied to the Bookable Schedule immediately.

You can also edit your schedule from the Manage Page! Just click the Edit button in the top right corner of the schedule listed on that page. To access the manage page from Outlook, click on Open Boomerang in the ribbon, and click on Manage in the bottom right corner of the task pane.