What is Bookable Schedule?

We can all agree scheduling meetings takes a lot of time and effort. It really shouldn’t with all the technologies we have at our disposal today. But meeting scheduling isn’t a technical problem. It really is a human problem.

Fundamentally, meetings are about people; two parties coming together for a mutually agreed upon purpose for a brief time. Using impersonal scheduling services or AI assistants to schedule a meeting can start any relationship on the wrong foot.

Whether they are with your customers, clients, future employees, investors, advisors, business partners, students, or podcast guests. We shouldn’t sacrifice the personal touch in the name of efficiency.

We think scheduling meetings is a two-way street that should be optimized for both parties. It’s time to redefine the culture around meeting scheduling. Meet our Bookable Schedule feature:

With Bookable schedule you can set up one block of times once, and then share it as many times as you like! When you share a Bookable Schedule to a recipient, a set of available times to choose from will show up right in their email - an easy and respectful experience for both the sender and recipient. For your convenience, any schedule can also be embedded or shared as a link, if you ever need to use it outside of Outlook.

The next set of times you’re available will automatically update every time the recipient opens the email, so it’s never out of date, and the times shown are always in the future. When your guest clicks one of the times, all their contact information is automatically prefilled, so it takes a lot less work on their side.

We think it's better than anything else on the market:

For you, the person scheduling:

  • Easy to use- Right in your Outlook inbox. Takes 3 clicks, under 5 seconds.
  • Efficient- Set up once and use it as many times as you need in any format.
  • Powerful- Integrate multiple calendars. No effort required to keep your availability updated. 
  • Flexible- Customize for complete control over your schedule with buffer times, maximum number of meetings, and minimum advance notice.
  • Convenient- Zoom (coming soon!), MS Teams, Auto-invites teammates or additional stakeholders as the meetings get scheduled.

For your guest (aka anyone you are trying to schedule a meeting with):

  • Respectful- No power play. No awkward scheduling links or robot assistants involved.
  • Personable- Offer them specific time slots with their name and email address pre-filled.
  • Easy to use- Right in their email regardless of what email client they use.

For both parties:

  • Magic Live Calendar- Instant confirmation eliminates back-and-forth emails.
  • Error free- No more time zone misunderstanding or transcription errors.
  • Smooth- All meeting details you need in your calendar event with options to reschedule or cancel.
  • Equality- Equally convenient for sender and recipient. No more offloading the scheduling hassle to your guest.