How to use and track Read Receipts

Boomerang's read receipt feature offers valuable open and click tracking data while respecting the privacy of the recipient. 

In this article:

How to get read receipts and click tracking

First, compose the message you'd like to request a read receipt for, and click the Read Receipt button in the ribbon.
When you're ready, send or schedule the email with the Read Receipt (tracking) image in the signature.
When your recipient opens the message (and if they do not opt out), you'll receive an email notification from Boomerang. You can click on the Manage Messages page link for more tracking info, such as timestamps of the first and last opens and link clicks.

How to see the results of tracked messages

In addition to the email notification, you can check the results of all tracked messages from the Boomerang manage page. Here's how:

Select any email, click the Boomerang button in the ribbon, and click Open Boomerang.
Click Manage in the bottom right corner of the task pane.
Under the Tracked Messages tab, you'll find a list of your tracked messages that you can expand for more info, like timestamps of the first and last open or link clicks.
If you no longer need to track read receipts on a message, you can archive and hide it from the list by clicking on the checkbox next to it, then clicking the Archive button at the top.